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I have been interested in Art & Photography since a young child.  I was always doodling and scribbling on pieces of paper but would get frustrated with the poster paints and felt tip pens that all kids had at that age.

I studied Art & Design and Photography at School and college and wanted to become a professional photographer & Artist but life got in the way. Eight years ago a friend asked me if I would draw his dog for him, I wanted to capture the beautiful colours of the Liver Springer Spaniel and I popped into my local Hobbycraft and bought a set of soft pastels and some pastel paper. For the next 6 years of so I pretty much drew all my friends dogs in pastels and just over a year ago I started taking commissions.

About this time last year I went to an oil painting demonstration and I was blown away with the work of the guy demonstrating and I started to attend his classes. I started with a portrait of Marilyn Monroe then a seascape and because the tutor knew my passion was drawing and painting animals I then painted a welsh cob, a friends pony and I have recently completed three dog portraits.

These are my three recent dog portraits in oils.



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